What to wear on a night out? 

Saburo used black jeans with black converse

Congratulations, it's Friday night! Or another night. The point is that you are going for a night on the town and you're planning to have a good time. Now you need to dress appropriately. Let's start with a base: a pair of classic dark blue jeans. From here you can add a shirt, shoes, a jacket, and accessories according to the type of bar/restaurant you're going to.

If it's a fancy night, pair the jeans with a shirt in a neutral color and add a fitted blazer. It’s still night out, so leave the necktie in its drawer and open the first three buttons on your shirt. Not more: this is not the time, nor the place to show skin. And remember, not all clubs accept sneakers. Wear loafers or derby shoes.

Is it date night or do you need a smarter look?

Going on a date? Then you want to look confident and good. Show your date that you’re easy-going and fun. Try wearing a blue (or red) and white striped long-sleeved t-shirt and white (= clean) sneakers. Need a smarter look? Pair your jeans with a t-shirt and a fitted blazer. Dress down the outfit with work boots.

Are you a serious party animal?


Not back home before the sun is up? Well, think stylish but comfortable. Choose your skinny jeans (not too skinny, nobody wants to see every vein on your body), comfortable loafers or boots, a black and white striped t-shirt, and a fitted blazer.

If you're going to a more casual club, leave the blazer at home and go for a bomber jacket instead. Darker colors are recommended: white jeans or a beige blazer can get stained by drinks and other fluids on a dance floor. You don't want that. You just want to have a great time.


The most important thing - smile, you're handsome! 

Black Saburo jeans and white t-shirt with black leather jacket

Selection for a night out