It's almost impossible for me to buy jeans

That was the headline that we came across in Swedish media Sportbladet with Oskar Steen, IF Björklöven. And he is far from alone to struggle in the jeans jungle. A lot of men that does sports that involves legs have the same issue. But thats no biggie for us at Saburo! We are a perfect match!

We contacted Oskar and asked if he wanted to try a pair of Saburo jeans, and he immediately responded: let's give it a try!

The jeans Oskar tried on was Skinny 2-way Stretch Portland W31/L30, which like all our jeans the are made with 100% organic cotton.
Oskar Steens first comment:
"The pants was really nice and stretchy. Overall I'm super happy so far." 


Oskar got the true Saburo experience and can now finally wear jeans with great confidence. 
Welcome to the team! 


Saburo skinny 2-way stretch jeans