Seven tips on how to buy jeans online


Are you avoiding buying jeans online because you're worried they won't fit you properly? You’re not alone.  The problem is often knowing what size of jeans to get and how to measure for jeans. Sizes might differ from one brand to the next. Finding the perfect pair of jeans in a store is hard enough, so don't try to guess your size based on the photos. Shopping for jeans online is nightmarish if you don't do some measurements first. That's why we've put together our seven best tips to help you nail denim online with the fit you're looking for.


  1. Read about the fabric. Are you concerned about the fit of the jeans? Investigate the material. Our slim fit jeans have 1% Elastane that creates a stretchier feeling. Stretchier jeans are more forgiving and more likely to fit better on a lot of different body types. 
  2. What size jeans am I? Measure your body to find out. Waist: Your waist is located just below the belly button. Our jeans are mid rise model. Bonus tip: don't use the measuring tape as a corset, keep it loose and comfortable so you can breathe. Hips: This is the widest part of your torso. It's often in line with the base of your zipper.   Inseam: This one is hard to do alone. Call your girlfriend, mother, friend, boyfriend, or just a friendly neighbor. Tell them to hold the end of the measuring tape at the crotch and bring it to your ankle.

  3. Write down your measurement. It's easy to forget the numbers, so make sure you write down your measurements. Make sure to update your measurements from time to time. (Age and too much craft beer can be two of the villains behind a growing waistline.)

  4. Use our jeans size chart. Our jeans are true to size, and we've created a useful size chart. Your waist size must line up with our size chart. Don't forget the hips and legs, so you know just about everything you need to know.

  5. Look at the photos. On our photos, you can see what size the model is wearing and how tall he is. That might be useful to base your decision off too.

  6. Measure a pair of jeans you own that fits. If you're still confused or not sure about your size, then try measuring a pair of jeans you own that fits perfect.

  7. Check out the reviews. Reading reviews can be very helpful when buying jeans online. They can help you get a sense of what other people think. You can also get more information about size, quality, durability, and so on. Follow our seven tips before ordering your next pair of jeans. Then take well-informed decisions about size, model, and color.

You won't be disappointed. Good luck!

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