Don't be afraid to buy and wear vintage clothes

Vintage Saburo jeans

Have you ever hesitated before staying in a hotel because you knew other people slept in the beds? I guess not. Well, there’s no real difference between staying in hotels, taking an Uber, eating in restaurants, and wearing second-hand clothes. We share more things than we might be aware of.

There are so many reasons to choose vintage clothes, the most important one, of course, being the environment. The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world with its toxic emissions and Co2-heavy transportation methods. 

Dyeing and finishing processes for clothing use a considerable quality of water. And we haven't even begun to talk about human rights: most fashion items are produced in low-wage countries by young women.

The clothes you find in a vintage/thrift shop are usually of good quality

And for a solely selfish reason: vintage clothes are cheaper, you can find unique pieces and, honestly, it's fun (imagine you're on a treasure hunt). The clothes you find in a vintage/thrift shop are usually of good quality and will last longer than any fast fashion item. Since more than 80% of used clothes become landfill, only the best 20% end up in shops. In other words: vintage clothing is more sustainable for the environment, your wardrobe, and your wallet. 

Six useful tips for thrift shopping:

  1. Look for rips, holes, wear, and stains. Does it smell? You only want to buy garments in good condition. 
  2. Try it on. If it doesn't fit or you're not 100% sure, put it back. You will find something else. 
  3. Bring a friend you trust in both style and honesty. If none of your friends are available: take pictures and videos of yourself dressed in the piece you're considering buying. 
  4. Ask yourself, do you really want this, or are you only buying it because it's cheap?
  5. Dig deep. Don't be afraid to go through the clothes at the bottom of the basket or hidden in the racks.
  6. Is the item weird in a good way, slightly over the top, colorful and fun? Is it something you don't have in your wardrobe? Buy it! Secondhand is the perfect place to invest and experiment in a style that is you.