Denim on denim: is it possible?

Denim on denim Saburo jeans jacket

Denim on denim is mixing and matching two separate denim pieces in one outfit. It’s also known as double denim. For some it brings back memories of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake together on the red carpet. Others might remember that time in the 90’s when Jay Leno was caught wearing a matching denim shirt and pants. 

You see it in fashion magazines, on the runway, and on the street. The denim-on-denim look, referred to as the “Canadian tuxedo,” never seems to go out of style, but it can be a challenge to get it right. Are you nervous about how to pull it off? We’ll show you how!

Pair your jeans with a denim jacket

Every man should have a denim jacket in his wardrobe because it goes really well with denim jeans. For the color of your jacket, choose between classic blue, light blue, black as the black hole you know, or contemporary white or grey. Team your jacket with a graphic T-shirt and sneakers or ankle boots for comfort and style.  

Blue denim jacket with blue jeans?

Yes, teaming a pair of blue jeans with a blue jacket or a blue denim shirt might be the most common outfit solution. But why is it so satisfying? Because you can’t go wrong with blue denim and there’s no need to hold back on the look.

Denim on denim can be epic when you combine different washes. Try combining radically different styles of denim, such as a preloved jean shirt with a new pair of black jeans. Pro tip: Darker washes create a slimming effect, while lighter washes or white draw attention to the body area they cover. 

When double denim is done right, it will be effortlessly cool. Just play with different fits and washes to create an outfit that’s epic and outrageously awesome. For us at Saburo, denim on denim equals solid craftmanship and instant cool.

Double denim from office hours to happy hours

Wear denim on denim to work or put them on heavy weekend rotation for a fail-safe finish to off-duty looks. Denim is often a great choice for laid-back weekends and casual occasions such as having a beer with friends. 

Do you dare to double the denim to double the fun? It all comes down to being comfortable in your double denim style. We believe in you. Go for a double denim outfit today: it’s more than possible! 

/Team double denim 

Saburo jeans on crossed legs and boots