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Have you ever thought about why organic cotton is great? Or maybe how you really should wash your jeans? Get the answers in our blog about jeans!


”Jeans can be worn out in the nature as well”


Our ambassador Linus Zetterlund has shown us you can rock your jeans from Saburo out in the nature.

Jeans in nature


White jeans equals summer

Thats a fact! But how do you dress when the cold summer nights strikes? Our guest stylist Carolina got all your answers!

Check out our white jeans!


Spring is in the air


More greenery, longer nights and sunnier days. With warmer weather also comes lighter jeans-days.

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What to wear with black jeans?

The essential pair of jeans everyone should own. They are everything you need for most of life's occasions, so here are some useful styling ideas.

5 useful styling ideas for black jeans


What’s so great about organic cotton jeans?


Organic, how? Organic, why? Let's start from the beginning by talking about conventional cotton.

Organic cotton is important


How to wash your jeans

Knowing how to wash your jeans will keep them looking and feeling awesome, year after year.

11 tips on how to wash jeans


What to wear on a night out?


Finally, it's Friday night! Or another night. The point is that you are going for a night on the town and you're planning to have a good time.

Choose your jeans


Exploring nature is a part of my nature

Explore Saburo Jeans together with Linus and his dog Kiba.

Meet Linus and Kiba


Seven tips on how to buy jeans online


We've put together seven tips to help you nail denim online with the fit you're looking for.

Get our 7 tips


Denim on denim: is it possible?

Denim on denim is mixing and matching two separate denim pieces in one outfit.

Go for double denim


What’s the story of oz?


Oz. is short for ounces, and it describes the weight of the jeans. You guessed it: one is heavier than the other.

Explore our denim weights


It's nearly impossible to find jeans

Swedish hockey player Oskar Steen does not have to look further, we helped him find the perfect jeans!

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