Jeans direct to you? Yes, straight from the manufacturer to you. 

Close up of Saburo jeans jacket

Heads up: Retail is changing faster than ever.

In the past, most manufacturers did not - or could not - sell directly to their end-customers like you. But this has started to change with the rise of online retail. 

Today many manufacturers sell directly to their customers without wholesalers. How is that possible, and what are the benefits of it?

The Internet made it possible to sell directly to the end-customer without expensive middlemen. All you have to do is open an eCommerce store, add products, do digital marketing, and boom! Your business is on the go. 

With time, more and more are realizing the benefits of this business model.

Five benefits of selling jeans from manufactures to customers

  1. The prices are lower because the manufacturers don’t have to pay for retail space or wholesaler fees. 
  2. Manufacturers can connect directly with the customers. Also, customers can tell the manufacturers what they like and don’t like. This helps the manufacturers understand the audience’s needs and desires. 
  3. Today’s shoppers are more mobile-savvy than ever. By going online, consumers get more control over the efficiency of their shopping. More seek convenience, and companies are responding. 
  4. Customers can buy exactly what they like, not just the products they see in a store. But sometimes there might be too much to choose from.  
  5. Manufacturers can increase their profits and pay their employees better salaries and only use better materials, like 100% organic cotton. 

We’re proud to work closely with the factory in Bangladesh that manufactures Saburo jeans. And we’re pleased to deliver 100% organic cotton jeans straight to you. 

Saburo jeans on crossed legs and boots
Saburo jeans slim rinsed black waist
Close up of Saburo jeans