We take care of our family and friends


We work with a factory called Shasha Denims Ltd. They see themselves as a human-centered company, and they wish to provide a healthy working environment for their family of employees. This means they ensure safe facilities and social protection for the people.

A proper salary for everyone

From helper to operator, every employee receives a graded salary as designated by the Bangladesh Government. Minimum wages for helpers are 8000 tk and average wages for operators are 9500 tk. Apart from this, Shasha Denim Ltd also provide a 400 tk attendance bonus for working full workdays.

Sick leave, casual leave, and earned leave are also available based on the employee’s requirements. After six consecutive working days, they enjoy one day off with pay as a weekly holiday. Each working year, everyone gets a 5 to 10% increase in salary based on their performance. They also get an opportunity for promotion, which includes a higher salary.

What about overtime payment?

Overtime work is voluntary. But if they do work extra time, they are compensated with double the regular salary.
Free medical facilities are provided to everyone, including family rehabilitation for deceased workers.

Shasha Denims Ltd believe in worker empowerment

For well-being, Shasha Denims Ltd believe in worker empowerment. For that reason, they organize a democratically elected committee that communicates directly with management. This committee focuses on worker’s rights and benefits but also on any difficulties and incompatibilities.

Special protection for expecting mothers 

Shasha Denims Ltd take special care for expecting mothers by providing counseling and free medical treatment. The mothers are entitled to all the facilities during pregnancy. After birth, they may use the childcare facilities without any cost.
To ensure safety (fire, electrical & structural), Shasha Denims Ltd are involved with the “Bangladesh Accord”. They also conduct BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) audits each year.
Shasha Denims Ltd take care of their family. That is great because they are the reason we can offer you awesome Saburo jeans.