Saburo is authentic denim with 21st-century silhouettes 

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I don’t see myself as a designer. In my view, all the jeans, all the fits, and all the washes have been made in the past, even before I was born. But we can fine-tune the jeans, fits, and washes to make them even better. Therefore, I would say Saburo is an industrially developed brand. And I am a developer of jeans.

Always 100% organic cotton

All of our jeans are made from 100% organic cotton. We don’t see ourselves as another sustainable brand, but we care about humankind, animals, and the earth. 

We work with a denim factory in Bangladesh that has state of the art machinery like "Indigo Genius" from Master, Italy, and Benninger from Germany. This advanced machinery helps to save 50 to 60% of the water needed to dye a meter indigo, compared to conventional processes.

"G2 Dynamic" ozone M/c from Jeanologia, Spain, is used when finishing the fabric. It saves 80 to 90% of water compared to other conventional finishing processes.

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Per working at Saburo jeans
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Saburo means “the third son”

Saburo is a masculine Japanese name meaning “the third son”. It’s also the name for authentic denim with 21st-century silhouettes. There’s no mystery behind our jeans, just traditional craftsmanship that combines the conventional and the temporary.

We believe our passion for denim can lead us anywhere.

Creative director, Per Fredriksson

Cellphone: +46 70-896 33 33.

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We’re not another sustainable brand

To focus on, believe in, and invest in sustainability shouldn’t be something extraordinary. It should be common sense for everyone. 

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Jeans direct to you


Yes, straight from the manufacturer to you. Retail is changing faster than ever. Here are five benefits of buying jeans direct from the manufacturer.

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We take care of our family

Being a human-centered company, we wish to provide a healthy working environment for our family of co-workers. 

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